Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers at Barum

It has been decided that this website should include some pictures of our Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers (SCWT) - frequently known as "Wheatens".

We have had three:- Max (Maxwell) - who was born in September 1992 and died in October 2004.
Rosie (Rosie) who was born in September 1994 and died November 2006.
Now we are left with Barney (Barnaby) who was born in July 2004, but he counts as three normal Wheatens.

Details of the breed may be found on the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier club's web site:-

From a personal point of view we think the breed is fabulous as family dogs, being very friendly, happy and 'trainable-ish'. They have a fine coat which is easy to groom - they don't have an undercoat. Alas, they love water, and as their coat is not waterproof, they can seem to take all day to dry out.

The table below consists of a set of thumbnails. These are ordered chronologically. Clicking on these thumbnails will cause a larger image to be displayed in a new frame.

Max, May 2000.
May 2000
Rosie on Clevedon beach 2000
Rosie on Clevedon beach
Jul 2000
Max on Bodmin in Sept 2002.
Max on Bodmin Moor
Sep 2002
Rosie on Bodmin in Sept 2002.
Rosie on Bodmin Moor
Sep 2002
Wheatens at cottage near Coniston 2003
Wheatens near Coniston
Sep 2003
Max with Barney upon his arrival.
Max meets Barney
Sep 2004
Barney discovers a Cornus.
Barney discovers a Cornus
Sep 2004
Barney in close-up.
Barney in close-up
Oct 2004
They will even eat ferns.
They will even eat ferns
Nov 2004
They love their teddies.
Barney loves his teddy
Nov 2004
Cute aren't I.
Cute aren't I
Dec 2004
Barney peeks round a Salvia.
Barney peeks round a Salvia
Dec 2004
King of the castle.
King of the castle
Dec 2004
Barney oversees Clevedon
On the cliffs at Clevedon 2006
Sep 2006
2inches of Snow in Feb 2007
We had 50mm of snow
Feb 2007
Barney lost in the leaves Nov 2007
Barney in the leaves
Nov 2007
Sitting after visit to Beauty Parlour
After a visit to Beauty Parlour
Sept 2008
Following Beauty Treatment
Need to get scruffy again
Sept 2008
Looking cold - Feb 2009
A very cold Winter
Feb 2009
After another trim
With the Headgardener
Mar 2009
Waiting for his second helping
Waiting for his second helping
Mar 2009
As posh as the daffs, Mar 2009
As posh as the Daffs
Mar 2009
Meeting a Cornish horse
Meeting a Cornish horse.
Taken by Lizzy
May 2009
Standing and Staring
Waiting patiently.
Dec 2009
Hurry up!
Hurry up, I'm waiting;
Dec 2009
Standing proud
Standing proud;
Dec 2009
I'll come to you then
I'll come to you then;
Dec 2009
Snowy garden
Snowy garden;
Dec 2009
Snow Boots
Snow Boots;
Jan 2010
Barney still loves his Teds
Barney still loves his Teds;
Oct 2010
Not posing
Barney not posing in the cold;
Xmas Day 2010
With Headgardener June 2011
Gets posher every day;
June 2011

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